Our team is dedicated to the advancement of the blockchain world and assisting others to safely participate in it. Every week you are hearing about different exchanges getting hacked or people losing money because they did not set their wallet up properly. A large majority of people who get involved in this industry, only buy bitcoin. While that is a good start, it shouldn’t be all you own in our opinion. The issue then becomes the complexity of buying, selling, and storing more than just bitcoin. We are dedicated to helping others participate as safely as we know how. While we cannot guarantee complete safety in our storage solution (nobody can do that), it is certainly easier and more secure than what the average person knows how to do. Plus, you get the extra added benefit of our storage solution diversifying you from only bitcoin to several cryptocurrencies. With our automatic rebalancing tool, you will remain diversified throughout your involvement with Cryptofuse.

We also utilize 3rd party asset verification so you can be sure what we are saying is legitimate. We know you have worked hard to make the decision to participate in cryptocurrency, so we intend to work hard to keep it safe for you.

We look forward to helping as many people as we can secure their cryptocurrency holdings. We are also continually looking for new and better ways to solve the storage dilemma that faces all blockchain participants. Please check our site frequently to keep updated on our solutions. Thank you and we look forward to assisting you.

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